Sera Bybee, Daughter, Assistant Winegrower / VideoBlog Editor and our inspiration, is a studient at the Internatiol School in Lyon France in an International Baccaluarette program.  She formerlly was a student at Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm where her curriculum included  hands-on coursework on biodynamic farming and gardening since kindergarten. She kept a flock of 20 chickens prducing organic eggs for the family and manure for the  garden compost. She was head puppy trainer and kitty wrangler.  Sera worked  her  first  harvest  in 2006 and is an expert cluster sorter. She has a knack for editing  the videoblogs on her Mac. She helps the rest of the B people see the project through the eyes of the next generation and remember why we put sustainability and the environment above all else.  Our proprietor's blend SERA Pinot Noir is named in honor of her essence and beauty and she was named with the Italian word for eve. "Bella Sera"2006_Bpinot_Sera.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
Jose Lorenzo, Property Manager & Foreman is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Mexico City.  He is a 20-year resident of Sonoma County living with his wife and four children in Santa Rosa.  Jose has over 30 years experience working on agricultural properties, caring for equipment, infrastructure, animals, crops and the land. He has been employed with the Bybees for over 10 years and has a dedicated work ethic and an attention to detail. Jose  takes pride in organized and efficiently completed tasks and oversees the day-to-day hands-on implementation of the organic and biodynamic practices on the B estate.
Gerald Bybee, CEO, Winegrower,  manages the vineyards, habitat, water resources and infrastructure at B. He also oversees the promotion and online marketing efforts and hosting of guests and clients at the B estate home in Sebastopol. Gerald is an award-winning advertising  photographer, digital imager and fine-artist. With a degree and background in communications, public relations and advertising Gerald brings to B over 30 years of experience producing commercial  imagery  and photographic campaigns for such clients as  Intel, HP, Adobe, Levis, Sutter Home, Mondavi, and Gallo. Gerald also works as a visual marketing and digital imaging consultant and photographic forensic expert
Shaun Bybee, CFO & director of winemaking ~ Passionate for a healthy environment, and an avid supporter of local small-scale organic farming, Shaun personally directed the transition to organic and biodynamic practices on the Bybee estate. She is blessed with a naturally green thumb and a sensitivity to the health of the land, wild life, and all living things around her.  She co-ordinates and directs the consultants and winemakers at B.  Her intuition and keen palette directly influence the winemaking that occurs  both in the field and in the cellar.  Shaun studied business at the University of Utah, is a former model, beauty stylist for Diego Dalla Palma Makeup Studio in Milan, CEO of Make-up Studio U.S.A., and  producer for Bybee Studios in San Francisco.  She has served  as treasurer of the San Francisco Creative Alliance, a non-profit arts association. and President of the board at Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa. She is CFO, director of winemaking at B, and mother extraordinaire to daughter Sera. Shaun, during the school year, resides and works remotely in Lyon, France with daughter Sera who is finishing an International Baccalaureate