Exclusively Pinot Noir, Bpinot wines are handcrafted from 100% certified organic  grapes, estate grown in the heart of the Green Valley sub-appellation of the Russian River Valley AVA. Cold nights, cool morning fogs, riparian habitat, and sandy-loam Goldridge soils yield  California’s best pinot noir grapes. This area, the Green Valley Crossroads of the old Gravenstein Highway  and Occidental Road is earning a reputation as the epicenter of the "new-Burgundian" pinot noir movement.

Bybee vineyards & Habitat estate is located  adjacent to the renowned 30-year-old Hartford Family Arrendell pinot noir vineyard bordering the nutrient rich Atascadero Creek. flood plain  Cultivating pinot noir grapes in this riparian micro-climate is challenging not only for us, the growers, but for the vines themselves.  Yet, they reward us with complex, beguiling, world-class fruit exuding the essence of this unique Green Valley riparian terroir.

These acclaimed  wines are literally grown in the vineyards. Our biodynamic and certified organic farming practices are gentle, yet effective, and allow the fruit to develop naturally without synthetic chemical interference and stimulation.  Bpinot wines are "green" from the ground up. 

The winemaker’s challenge is to allow the grapes to express themselves, their vintage and this unique terroir with minimal intervention. This "new-Burgundian", "Green Valley" winemaking style can only be accomplished in very small lots and through consistent caring and clear intentions of the growers, workers and winemakers from bud break through bottling.  Our pinot noirs are never manipulated. They are naturally low in sulfites and alcohol,  with balanced acidity and pH . They are bottled unfiltered and not fined and bottle-aged in a  temperature and humidity controlled environment to drink well upon release. But, like old-world wines of their Burgundian heritage,  Bpinot Pinot Noir wines will cellar well and become more nuanced with age. Consequently  Bpinot wines will enhance a cellar list from first release and over time.

We produced 336 cases of our 2006 RRV Estate Pinot Noir . This  "new-Burgundian" style pinot is ruby colored, rich with overtures of dark red fruits, blackberry and cherry, accented by hints of sassafras, cola and spice.  Its sensuous mouth feel is the result of balanced natural acidity and PH,  moderate alcohol  and silky tannins.  Our minimalist approach to winemaking allows the fruit to fully express its density of flavor and character derived from this unique “terroir”.

Our 2006 Sera Proprietors' Reserve Pinot Noir  reflects the strengths of the site and the vintage. We crafted only 144 cases from select blocks, rows, clones and barrels.  This reserve wine is  barrel aged  15 months using a higher percentage of new French Oak from the Allier and Troncais forests.  It is then bottle-aged  and monitored a minimum of  10 months before  we consider it ready for release. This wine is never rushed to market and is available only online directly from the winery website and allocated to select fine restaurants and wine purveyors who understand this style of Pinot Noir.

To accompany the Bpinot estate-grown Pinot Noirs, we create a Rosè of Pinot Noir produced from 100% organic whole cluster grapes harvested from one select, very cold block of  pinot dijon clone #777, a clonal variety often used in sparkling wine.   This very small production, fine wine is no afterthought or a secondary bottling of juice bled from our pinot noir process .  It is  a  meticulously crafted, low-alcohol, dry, light-hued, Rosé. It is an elegant European style fine wine created literally from the ground up to pair with fresh cuisine and beloved friends.


The Bybee Vineyards & Habitat terroir produces low yields of complex fruit with thick skins and small clusters prized by pinot noir  artisan winemakers. The grape clusters are hand picked with shears during the cool morning hours in small lots as each block and row reaches maturity. Our site  is one of the coldest in the Green Valley AVA and our vines take more time to ripen their fruit. The result is complex fruit with naturally balanced pH and crisp acidity.  We harvest the fruit between 23° - 24.5° brix for pinot noir and 22° -23° for Rosé, which moderates the resulting alcohol levels and creates wines that don’t overpower fine cuisine. 

The fruit is hand-sorted in the field and again at the winery. Each block and clone is fermented and barreled separately so Shaun and Hugh can monitor and understand the characteristics exhibited by each section of the vineyard as it matures.  The vineyard is divided into five very distinct blocks all with diverse influences of temperature, exposure, clonal selection  and drainage.

We use select, medium-toast new and 1-3 year-old French oak barrels.   The pressed juice is transferred gently from fermenter to barrel, then racked only once.  The barrels and wine are monitored closely in the cellar and topped by hand. The wine is barrel-aged a minimum of 10 months and another 6-12 months in the bottle before release. 

We produce very small lots from only select estate grown grapes.  The Pinot Noir is bottled unfiltered and unfined and bottle aged to drink well upon release.

2006  Bpinot RRV Estate Pinot Noir

<< Bybee Vineyards & Habitat is located in the Russian River Valley - Green Valley - AVA not far from Sebastopol, just south of Occidental Road adjacent to the  legendary 40-year--old Hartford Court / Arrendell Pinot Noiir Vineyards (foreground). Fourteen producing vineyard acres are surrounded by open space, agricultural and wildlife habitat.  The cold,  low-lying riparian "terroir" produces low yields  of  pinot noir grapes of small cluster size, thick,dark skins and complex flavor profiles, perfect for world class, distinctive, artisanal winemaking.

Bpinot Rosé of Pinot Noir is meant to be enjoyed within s year of release.  It is best served  slightly chilled in a stemmed light wine glass.

2008 Bpinot Rosè of Pinot Noir


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Our Pinot Noir is best served decanted and lingered over slowly allowing the wine to open and reveal its complete array of flavors and personality.

2006 Bpinot Sera Reserve Pinot Noir